Here’s Why Stay Anonymous When You Win The Lottery

We have the habit of often telling you pretty stories around lucky คา สิ โน สด jackpot winners who live the ideal dream and who feed our articles with good positive vibes every week. But we have already offered you many files to explain how to proceed if you win a big gain. One of the most judicious advice that we always lavished in these reviews is that to remain anonymous as often as possible when you win a big gain like those accessible via the national lotteries or the slot machines with progressive jackpots on online casinos or terrestrial.

The hell of a gain

The story that we are going to tell you this Wednesday is, therefore, particularly incredible and must serve you as a preventive measure in the event that you come or have come to win a fabulous gain of several thousand euros, even millions. It indeed relates the facts of a player, in the United Kingdom, who has been living in hell since he won 120 million euros in the Loto 4 years ago.

An opportunity for him to realize today, after all these years, that the expression “to live happily live hidden” in all its meaning and remains particularly legitimate when one suddenly becomes a millionaire. And why not also add the doctrine “hell is others?” »In the packaging ?!

Neil, the unhappy winner

To understand the origin of this tragic story, when Neil’s life has, in fact, completely turned upside down, we have to go back to 2014. He pocketed the lottery jackpot that year, winning the fantastic sum of an exceptional amount of 108 million pounds.

But if the story seems to start like a fairy tale, it ends rather like a drama since this incredible event, the man lives, in fact, an ordeal. One reason why we have always advised you to remain anonymous in case you are in his place. And obviously, this winner has never read one of our reviews on the subject since he is now making the front page of for having been carefree to reveal himself to the rest of the world.

Remember to always remain anonymous.

Here is why you should remain anonymous if one day you win the lottery. Neil Trotter is, therefore, a 40-year-old Englishman who collected 108 million pounds while playing the lottery. This resident of the London suburb of Coulsdon, precisely 41 years old at the time of the facts, fulfilled the dream of thousands of people who are currently reading this article, namely: to become a multimillionaire overnight …

He then hurries to do what everyone dreams of doing when he wins a 6-figure sum. It does not take long to take full advantage of his kitty. And he does it by leaving his work in the first place and already imagining many future projects that trotted in his head as fantasies, because inaccessible in the bygone era when he did not have his full bank account.

But the big mistake he will make at this precise moment, and unlike other winners who have been more judicious than him, will then be to decide to leave anonymity. It was very bad for him because these few seconds of unconsciousness will earn him a decision, which will cost him dearly. Want to lather, notice, be envied?

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