Unfounded Rumor And Confirmation Around Casinos

We invite you to discover today two news that revolves around physical casinos, but which go in a radically opposite direction from each other. Indeed, we learn this week that the rumor about the acquisition of The Cosmopolitan was unfounded, while the project of construction of the Beloit Casino Resort by Ho-Chunk Nation is confirmed.

Hard Rock International and The Cosmopolitan

It’s been a while since a rumor has been circulating in the game world, in fact assuming that Hard Rock International would be greatly interested in the acquisition of The Cosmopolitan. But here is a twist, in this case, today since the latter himself has just stated in a statement that The Cosmopolitan was absolutely not for sale. An opportunity for the management of the establishment to emphasize in passing that this rumor was largely unfounded. This marks an answer here could not be more clear and clear on the part of The Cosmopolitan, which does not necessarily see with a good eye these noises of corridors.

Las Vegas Casino Denies

So here we are before a statement that does not please everyone, but puts things back on the right track since the Las Vegas casino has denied the rumor that Hard Rock International would be interested and especially ready to buy the hotel complex next weeks.

It did not take less for the managers of The Cosmopolitan to then clarify that the hotel complex was absolutely not for sale. They will even add that until now, no discussion on this subject had been raised yet. You should know that The Cosmopolitan is currently a very large subsidiary of the Blackstone Group, a group that simply bought the complex in spring 2014 for an incredible amount of 1.7 billion dollars.

A rumor that had a hard skin

It is interesting to note that these rumors about the sale of the property started last spring. They had their sources on a popular blog, through an article on this media, which then explained with confidence that the Florida company Hard Rock International would be interested in the acquisition of The Cosmopolitan.

Here then, is the beginning of what will set the powder on fire, the turn of this article thus supposing that Hard Rock International would really be ready to buy the hotel complex. But if the rumor persisted and swelled quickly enough, it was simply because it seemed entirely credible, Hard Rock International is currently in the expansion phase. Indeed, we know that the company has expressed for some time already the wish to expand its market in the international sector. And it, therefore, pursues this objective by establishing headquarters in many countries.

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